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Selecting The Right Literature

The most challenging part of producing new literature is defining what to produce.

There are so many options available to you: the catalog sheet, the mini-sheet, the post card, the tri-fold, the multi-page, the catalog and so on. So often companies see literature that they like and decide thatís what they want to do.

A better approach is to examine the piece from the standpoint of itís use. That could be handouts at trade shows, personal presentations, mailings, drip mailing campaigns, inserts included with other mailings, and so on. Once the use is defined we need to look at content. If itís a handout at a trade show, the message portrayed is entirely different than a company image brochure. Likewise, if the literature is intended for mailings, the content should be different than for a piece that will be presented personally.

The best starting point is gathering and reviewing lots of literature. This does not have to be from competitors. Look at a wide variety of styles and formats and note where you obtained each and every one. Was it mailed to you? Did you pick the piece up from a literature rack on a counter?

Was it presented to you by someone who reviewed it with you? What impressed you? What did not impress you? Take notes on each piece. This will help you to determine what is best for you. The alternative is to contact a marketing professional to help you with this.

Article by Ron Meadows,
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