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Effective Photo Images

There’s an expression we’ve all heard many times in our lives that states that a picture is worth a thousand words. It’s true. There’s tremendous power to a photographic visual and it can harness someone’s attention in a fraction of a second.

The challenge is in selecting the proper image or images. With manufacturing and service companies sometimes a single image can accurately portray what that firm does. In other instances a variety of images best represents company offerings. In other cases, the multitude of company offerings makes it difficult to convey what the firm does with one or even many photographic images. This is the point at which creative thought is the answer. How do we succinctly show what a company does, portraying a wide variety of products, without photography. Interaction between company owners/managers and an experienced marketing photographer will find the solution.

If you’re not certain whether you should use a single photo, or a variety of photos or a creative visual to represent what your company does, try looking through appropriate trade magazines and literature from companies that do what you do or something similar. An alternative is to contact a marketing photographer to help you.

Article by Ron Meadows, Meadows Marketing, Inc., www.meadowsmarketing.com

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