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The Evolving Web Site

There are three major elements important to an Internet Marketing Strategy: drawing the right traffic to your site, converting this traffic with a content rich site to take action and contact you, and tracking the activity on your site to measure your ROI.

The site requires a design with impact, effective content and a home page with quick navigation to the rest of the site. You want your site visited by users interested in your products and services and also you want the crawlers and spiders from the search engines to like your site.

You are serving both markets: driving the individuals through your site until they contact you and appealing to the search engines so you will achieve a natural ranking to send more traffic your way. Content is the key to both markets.

Tracking can be done on the server side or the client side. Client side tracking is preferred because you will have a more accurate view of who is coming to your site, from where, and what they are doing on your site.

Changes should be made to the content of the site frequently, not only for the benefit of the users but also the search engine crawlers, resulting in “the evolving web site”.

Article by Ron Meadows,
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